Milabert - Genuine Sheepskin Specialist in Interior Design and Fashion

Based in Northamptonshire - England, Milabert is a family run business with passion for genuine sheepskin focused interior design and decoration solutions.

Whether you are simply sheepskin lover or you are looking for something truly amazing made of it to design your home or need a soft and warm wool comfort wear - Milabert offer you wide selection of unique and high quality products like decoration rugs, cushions, reindeer hides, handmade luxurious sheepskin upholstered furnishings - fashion accessories like soft wool warm hats, gloves.

Young fresh ideas, inspiration of nature, passion for design - our uniquely designed furniture is a guaranteed addition to any place where exclusivity and naturality is essential.

Passionate about perfection - All our products are handmade and carry the skills our professionals to ensure you receive the highest standard in quality of product and customer service at us from your order to delivery your home door.

We welcome you to visit our website, browse our shop. We are sure you will find something to attract you!